Admission: Fun Facts and Useful Stats

admissions fun facts and useful stats

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Becoming admitted in your dream school is one of the best rewards you’ll get for your hard work and dedication to completing the requirements and submitting an impressive personal statement. Before that, you may want to know “Admission: Fun Facts and Useful Stats” in today’s infographic.

Class of 2019 Admissions

  • In many schools, in order to be considered for max scholarship, you need to apply before the current year’s end.
  • The number of students will go up by 1.9 percent as compared to 2018 class
  • University of Virginia, UPENN, Brown University and Dartmouth College all enjoyed an early admissions record in 2014
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts, Engineering, Business, Architecture and Health Science are a few of the majors you have to select right away

Class of 2018 Fun Stats

  • There are about four million women who are enrolled in higher education than men, but this gap is widening, according to statistics
  • 30 to 40 percent of the colleges are filling their freshmen seats in the early round of admissions
  • Harvard class of 2018 admitted 177 African American and 185 Latino students
  • 90 percent or more of the accepted students were part of the 10 percent of the high school class in Ivy League admissions 2018

Colleges Where Acceptance Is Comparatively Easy in 2018 Class

  • Virginia Tech accepts 14,230 applicants out of 20,897
  • James Madison University accepts 14,675 students out of 23, 326 applicants
  • American University offers out 6,927 students out of 15,127 applicants
  • University of Maryland accepts 12,419 students out of 26,228 apps

Universities Where Admissions Are Hard for Class 2018

  • Yale University accepts only 1,935 out of 30, 932 apps
  • Stanford University admits 2,138 out of 42, 167 applicants
  • Princeton University accepts 1,939 applicants out of 26,641
  • Harvard University admits 2,023 out of 34, 295 applicants

Future Projections

  • Enrolment of part time students grow faster than the those enrolling for full time education
  • Graduate education sees a fast growth in enrollments than the undergraduate programs
  • The enrollment of 18 to 24 year old age bracket is said to decline by up to four percent

Check out these fun facts and be enlightened of what you need to know of Class 2018 and 2019 admissions!

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