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An Easy Graduate School Application Personal Statement

If you want a bright future for a career, a graduate school degree is vital. It is a very good edge over future competitors in your chosen field. It is also a great undertaking to improve not only your knowledge and skills but also your personality too. Creating an awesome graduate school personal statement can be the key in getting into a graduate school of your choosing. A graduate school application personal statement sample gives you an idea on what is a good personal statement looks like.

Sample Graduate School Application
Personal Statement: How We Remember

I have been fascinated by the human memory ever since my first psychology lecture. It is one of the most amazing and mysterious problems ever faced by scientists and philosophers. One of the first discussion of memory dates back to the early Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle who describe memory as a “wax tablet.” William James adopted a metaphorical framework in 1890 in which memory for him is like a “house.” Sigmund Freud took it even further and pictured memories as “rooms in a house.” Whatever the analogy applied to it, the human memory still remains an enigmatic concept for people. It is a very complex phenomenon that many people want to explore. It is a hard riddle to solve that is why it really fascinates me. My goal is to spend my entire career in seeking the nature of the human memory and finally understand its workings.I have spent my undergraduate years in preparing myself for graduate work in experimental psychology. Once I receive my doctorate, I plan to do research on human memory. I also want to influence young minds by teaching psychology to undergraduates. I would like to spark other people’s interest in the human memory and in psychology in general. I believe that once we unlock the secrets of the human memory, we gain more information on how the human mind works. Sharing my passion with memory to others and researching on it at the same time is what I am aiming for. I hope that I can someday leave my on mark on the field of memory research and create a big impact in our society. I have chosen to apply for a PhD program in your institution because I believe that your philosophy and methodology compliments my interest in the human memory.

Great Graduate School Personal Statement Samples

We have prepared a graduate school application personal statement example for you so that you can follow its format when making your own. Take note that this graduate school application personal statement sample begins with a narrative that can capture the reader’s attention right away. The narrative then serves as the reason why the writer is pursuing a graduate school program. Focus on the structure of this sample and apply it in yours.