How to Start a College Application Essay?

how to start a college application essay

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A look at how to start a college application essay

In the current world academic world there is no way a student fresh from high school will get admitted to a college or any other institution of higher learning without first being required to submit an admission application which must be accompanies with an application essay. The fresh high school graduates will find this process rather challenging since they will not have undertaken such an exercise before. Just like any other admission process, the first impression is always useful in ensuring that one gets to receive the admission they seek, and so the college application will also need a first impression. In order for one to make a great first impression, it is advised that one identifies the best way of starting their application essay and an application personal statement. You should however not worry about that since the post below will provide an insight on how to start a college application essay.

The best way on how to start a college application essay

The first part of the college application should basically be the introduction where the student should provide an overview of himself to help the panel offering the admission opportunities learn something about them. The introductory part should be kept as brief as possible where you only get to mention the important points. Since the application essay is basically more or less of 500 words, the student should making the college application should make sure that the introduction does not exceed 150 words. So the introductory part should contain 100-150 words. The student should only mention his personal information and avoid mentioning details about other unnecessary points.

Steps on how to start college essay

Since it is no secret that an application college essay is what determines whether an applicant gets admitted to the institution of their choice, it is very important that the applicant gets to come up with an effective application essay. To help you learn how you can come up with a comprehensive essay with a convincing start, you might find it necessary to use past successful application essays. By using essays that have already been submitted and the authors of those essays admitted to the institutions of their choice the student should stand a better chance of coming up with a good introductory part of his essay.

Tips on how to start off a college application essay

  • Correct grammar. You should always make sure that your introductory part of the essay is written with the correct grammar. To ensure that it is perfect and with no errors, the applicant should make sure that he goes through the work eliminating any errors that may arise.
  • Perfect length. It is important that you keep your introductory words as brief as possible in relation to the actual size of the entire essay. This should increase your chances of convincing the panel analyzing the admission applications.
  • Keeping the points as relevant as possible. An application essay is a very delicate piece of writing and failure to develop it well will automatically translate to the application reducing their chances of receiving the admission letter. One can achieve a perfect application essay by making sure that they only get to mention the most relevant points.

Ensuring that you get admitted to your institution of choice

With the above information, you should certainly experience a relatively easier time coming up with the introductory part of the essay and not just the entire essay. It is because of the great importance a college application essay plays in the college application process that one should make sure that they learn how to start a college application essay and consequently learn how to write the entire essay.

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