How to Write a College Application Personal Statement

General Aim of College Application Personal Statements

When you are about to go through the application procedure entering the educational establishment, you need to collect a wide range of document, starting with your academic record transcript and ending with personal statement. Still, you should better pay more attention to your application personal statement if you need one for applying. When you apply to a college the powerful college application personal statement helps you to achieve several goals simultaneously:

  • “sell” yourself in order to be accepted to the college;
  • paint a portrait of yourself in words;
  • present your bright personality to the Admission Committee members and
  • give them the chance to distinguish you among other applicants.

Structuring College Application Personal Statement Correctly

The good personal statement for college application needs to be carefully structured, in other words, it should contain all the necessary components of a formal written paper. These components are indispensable and can not be omitted:

  1. Introductory (opening) paragraph followed by
  2. Main Body of the application personal statement ending with
  3. Concluding paragraph (summary)

Try to write the application personal statement neither short, nor long.

Several Notes on Application Personal Statement Style

To make your college application personal statement more effective and attention catching it is better to choose free and easy tone, be a bit humorous and sometimes even sarcastic (concerning yourself, not the Admission Committee Head, of course). Still, stay away from being meticulous, avoid “tiresome” grammar and lexical constructions. Your task is to be clear and precise, accurate in sayings and specific in judgments. What is more important – be convincing, prove you are really worth choosing for the educational program.

Order Custom Personal Statement for Application

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