How to Write a MBA Personal Statement

How important is your MBA personal statement?

Getting into an MBA program is far from easy; you will be competing against many others all of whom will have impressive backgrounds and qualifications. So you need to make yourself stand out if you want to get noticed; the best place to achieve this is within your personal statement MBA. Your Personal statement for MBA application is your chance to show exactly who you are and to show how you will make a perfect addition to their program. This is why your MBA personal statement is so very important.

What to include within your MBA personal statement

Your personal statement for MBA needs to be able to grab the attention of the panel and get them to see you clearly as someone that would fit right into their program. This means that you will need to;

  • Identify exactly what the MBA program is specifically looking for
  • Reflect their exact needs within your personal statement
  • Open with a hook; an attention grabbing opening that will make them want to read
  • Show how you will benefit from and use what you will learn through an MBA
  • Clearly show that you have all of the skills and drive required
  • Backup what you say with clear and concise examples

What not to avoid when writing your MBA personal statement

It is equally as important to understand what you should avoid when writing your personal statement. The following will tell you what you need to stay clear of when writing an attention grabbing MBA personal statement.

  • Never use clichés within your writing, nor make obvious statements
  • Stay focused; only talk about relevant information
  • Write concisely; do not waste your word count
  • Don’t use an opening that is designed to shock people into reading; it will be seen as a device to influence the reader
  • Use appropriate language; don’t digest the entire thesaurus to try to look clever
  • Don’t use humor, even if done well not everyone will appreciate it

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