How to Write a Personal Statement for a Medical School Application

Peculiarities of Medical Residency Personal Statements

To be accepted for the residency program or a medical school one needs to prove their strong desire to become a real professional in the sphere of medicine. To achieve success in the chosen area one needs to possess such personal qualities as persistence, compassion, iron will. It is as well necessary not to be afraid of blood! But joking aside! To write a really competitive personal statement for medical school you will need to prove you have really important career plans, future ambitions and desire to self-development in the field of medicine.

Look Critically on your Application Personal Statement

When writing a personal statement for application you need to be just and critical all the way. Look from all angles at your skills and goals. Present compelling reasons why you should be selected for the residency program due to your application personal statement. It is as well good to tell of your previous experience (especially in the chosen subject): internships, participation in students’ organizations, part-time employment, extra-curriculum activities, volunteer work and what not! This will add to your personal statement for application in the eyes of the readers.

Exercise in Story-telling

It will add fun to the application personal statement if you begin it with a short story. This may be, for example, about the first time you have thought of becoming the doctor. Try to narrate in a light, humorous manner just to show the readers you are keen on this profession and like to have a good laugh from time to time. This will in a way distract attention from the main point, but involve the audience in the so-called dialogue with you, the author.

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