How to Write a Personal Statement for Scholarship

Why is it so important to know how to write a personal statement for scholarship?

Scholarships are for some students the only way that they will ever be able to afford to get into further education. But being awarded a scholarship is far from easy. There is a lot of competition for these programs and you will have to put together an outstanding application or application personal statement if you are going to be considered for a place. Your personal statement for scholarship application is one of the most important parts of this application as it is often the only opportunity that you have to tell the awarding body who you are and why you deserve the scholarship in your own words.

What scholarships are available to you?

When learning how to write a personal statement for scholarship or MBA personal statement it is often worthwhile also reviewing the various types of scholarships that may be open to you. Most students are aware of only a fraction of what may be open to them;

  • Academic scholarships or merit scholarships which are typically open to students with 4.0+ GPA
  • Average academic performance scholarships; available to students with lower than a 4.0 GPA and will base decisions on factors other than academic performance
  • Athletic scholarships; for those students with strong skills in a specific sport such as football or basketball
  • Minority scholarships; focused on specific ethnic groups
  • Community service scholarships; for those that work extensively within their communities
  • Scholarships for girls; focused on promoting women in areas that are typically male dominated
  • Creative scholarships for those that have skills in the artistic area
  • Religious scholarships for promoting specific groups

Learning how to write a personal statement for scholarship

There are many areas that you will need to cover when writing your scholarship personal statement if you are going to have any chance at all of being selected. You will have to ensure that your statement is written very specifically for the award that you are hoping to get, after all the better that you meet their specific requirements the more chance that you have of selection. Therefore you must;

  • Open with a strong hook; get their attention but do not go overboard and use a wild opening as some sites will suggest; this will look manipulative
  • Ensure that you have a theme that runs through your statement and holds it together
  • Ensure that you focus on what the scholarship is looking for; academic achievement, community service, etc.
  • Ensure that your statement is clearly written in everyday language
  • Avoid stating the obvious, remain concise and relevant
  • Close with a strong final paragraph that will leave the reader with no doubt that you should be supported

We can help if you are not sure how to write a personal statement for scholarship

Not everyone is a skilled writer but that should not prevent you from gaining a scholarship to help you follow your dreams. Looking at any personal statement for scholarship sample will show you the standard that is expected and if you feel that you cannot achieve this then you should seek out support from a professional service such as ours.

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