How to Write a Radiography Personal Statement

The importance of having an excellent radiography personal statement

If you are going to study radiography then you will need to ensure that your application will make you stand out from your competition. There are many more applicants than there are places so you will be having to compete with many others who are going to have qualifications that are equally as good as your own. This means that your personal statement for radiography will need to be perfect. Your radiography personal statement is your only chance to sell yourself and will often be the deciding factor in any decisions.

Writing the best radiography personal statement

No matter what level of study you are at or what field you are looking at your therapeutic or diagnostic radiography personal statement will need to be very carefully written. If you want to be successful in your application you have to ensure that your statement is carefully tailored to the actual program that you are applying to. This means carefully reviewing their specific needs and expectations and then identifying all of the qualifications, qualities and skills that they will want to know about within your personal statement. While you will always have to consider the following points you must ensure that they are written with the specific program in mind;

  • Why do you want to specifically study this field; what got you interested and how has that interest developed over time?
  • Where do you see your career going after your studies and why is this program important?
  • Why is this specific program vital rather than another in the same field?
  • How are you qualified for this program? Give examples not just make statements

What to avoid in writing your radiography personal statement

How you write your radiography personal statement can be as important as what you actually write about. You should always ensure that your writing is as perfect as possible which means avoiding all of the following;

  • Using obvious statements, clichés and information that is already available elsewhere
  • Don’t use more words than you need to, be concise
  • Don’t use language that will have them reaching for the dictionary
  • Never use humor, show that you are serious about your studies
  • Don’t lie or exaggerate ever

Help with writing your radiography personal statement

If you are unsure of how to write your radiography personal statement or are worried about how to carefully tailor it to specifically suit the application you want to make seek out help. We provide highly professional and very reliable help with writing personal statements for your applications. We use only highly qualified staff; so if you want an effective radiography personal statement, MBA personal statement or personal statement for nursing contact our experts here today.