How to Write a UCAS Personal Statement

Why is it so important to know how to write a UCAS personal statement

Your university application through UCAS will contain all of the data about you and of course your expected or actual A level results. However the only part of the application where you will be able to actually state your own case and try to persuade the university to accept you is through your personal statement. Most courses are massively oversubscribed and that means that your application has to make you stand out. Your A level results will likely be very similar to many other applicants so your personal statement will often be the deciding factor in any decisions. So it is vital to know how to write a UCAS personal statement if you want to get the place of your choice.

Learning how to write a UCAS personal statement

The UCAS personal statement limit is just a single page; this means that you have to learn how to write a highly effective personal statement in a just a few words. This means that you have to;

  • Clearly state your career plans and show that your selected degree is relevant
  • Show how your interest in the subject has come about and grown
  • Show how your A levels, and other skills qualify you to study
  • Demonstrate your skills using examples; don’t just say you are a “good team worker”
  • Use anything relevant as examples; voluntary work, hobbies, sports, awards, responsibilities etc.
  • Write clearly and don’t use the thesaurus to show off your word skills
  • Be concise, you only have a single page so you cannot afford to waste any words
  • Don’t waste words making obvious statements or using clichés
  • Never take a negative approach to your writing; such as saying you want to X because it was preferable to Y
  • Make sure that your personal statement reads well and has a theme that holds it together
  • Never use humor
  • Avoid all slang and text speak
  • Don’t waste time repeating information that is elsewhere in your application
  • Proofread very carefully to avoid any spelling or grammatical errors

Getting UCAS personal statement help

When you are looking at how to write a UCAS personal statement, MBA personal statement or personal statement for midwifery you will probably look at a UCAS application example; this will either inspire you to write or it may terrify you into wondering what you should write. This is why many students today will turn to a professional service to get help with their personal statements. Your UCAS application is vital to your future and you cannot afford to let an inability to write a persuasive personal statement stand in the way of you being selected for a place. If you are really struggling with how to write a UCAS personal statement contact our qualified professional writers today and we will provide you with all of the help that you need.