How to Write Personal Statement for Midwifery

Why is your personal statement for midwifery so important?

Your midwifery application has to be able to make you stand out from the other applicants if you are going to be chosen over the competition. There are more often than not many more applicants than there are places for any course and you are going to have to ensure that your application is capable of getting you selected over other equally well qualified applicants. Often the only opportunity that you will have to stand out is through writing a personal statement for midwifery that is better than those written by your competition.

What to include in your personal statement midwifery

To be selected over the competition you will need to ensure that your personal statement will make you stand out. You can look at many midwifery personal statement examples for ideas but you have to remember that your statement must be about you and your personal experiences and goals. It also has to mirror the expectations of the program that you are applying to. To do this you need to write a personal statement that will;

  • Open with a strong introduction that will get the reader’s attention; don’t follow the advice of some sites that will advocate using shock tactics in your opening
  • Be truthful in what you write, don’t make things up to make yourself more interesting
  • Show how you are suited for their specific program
  • Use clear examples of the skills that you have
  • If you have had a baby and are basing your desire to be a midwife on your experience don’t write the entire statement around this one experience
  • Show your ability and desire to be a student as well as being a midwife
  • Ensure that your statement makes it clear that you are considering the care of the mother not that of the baby
  • Ensure that you speak positively even if your desire to study is due to a negative experience with child birth
  • Ensure that your writing is relevant to the application
  • Remain concise, your word count is limited so you must ensure that every word counts
  • Don’t use clichés or make statements that are obvious
  • Close with a strong paragraph that clearly states your desire to be a qualified midwife

Get professional help with your personal statement for midwifery

Writing a successful personal statement for midwifery or MBA personal statement can be as much about your writing skills as it can be about your actual desire and suitability for the course. If your writing is not as good as the other applicants you may find yourself overlooked even if you are more suitable for the position or if you don’t know how to write a personal statement for scholarship. This is why it is often best to seek out professional help from a service such as ours when writing your personal statement for midwifery.