Improve Your Residency Application Personal Statement with Us

Narrative Discussion of Your Qualifications to the Residency Program

Majority of top residency programs require their applicants to submit various written requirement such as a residency application personal statement. This is considered to be one of the most important parts of the application process as this is the only component that is not based on GPA and test scores. A well written application personal statement aims at complementing your strengths, achievements and qualifications in order to support your expertise in your field of expertise. This should emphasize your interest and dedication towards advancing your academic proficiency with the use of the residency program.

Major Deciding Factor in Your Candidacy

You should expect thousands of applicants hence the need to utilize your application personal statement in order to stand out from the rest. Always start with an interesting introduction; hook your audience with an impressive first line. The succeeding sentences should support your main idea; you can talk about reasons of your interest towards a particular specialty and experiences that influenced your choice to pursue a career in medicine. Your residency application personal statement is one of the major deciding factors in your candidacy for the residency program.

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