Interesting Facts about Application

Becoming a winning applicant for college or university may be one of the biggest challenges to face, especially if you were looking to apply in a top school. Also you can find out how to write a writing sample for graduate school. Below, you will find interesting facts about application to help you increase your chances.

Important College Admission Essay Tips that You Should Remember

  1. Choose an impressive essay topic.
  2. Your essay should sound sophisticated.
  3. Only the best students are able to impress the admission officers.

Four Common Medical School Admission Myths

  1. You will need a clinical experience. This is a myth because you don’t really have to possess a clinical experience to take up a medical school course. Instead, passion for helping patients and improving your knowledge and skills in the clinical study is more important.
  2. An essay should be only about grades—not true. In fact, your essay is about YOU (and your uniqueness). This will be about why you want to take up the course and what you can bring to the table. In short, this is about showing why you are the best candidate for them.
  3. Submit the secondary applications as soon as possible.
  4. You have to answer all the interview questions.

How Does It Feel to Study In Brown University?

  • 100 percent of faculty teaches undergraduates
  • 69 percent of undergraduate classes, include less than 20 students
  • There is an 8:1 student to faculty ratio
  • 80 percent of students step up in their education by taking up professional or graduate study

There you have some tips and interesting facts to know about medical school admission or application. You sure can stand out provided you impress the committee from the start with a great, unique essay showing off your unique characteristics and your best assets.

Review these facts and be able to learn more about college application process today!