Law School Personal Statement Samples!

Writing a personal statement for law school application can be tough especially when you need to make an impression with it in order to get noticed among the crowd of applicants. A personal statement is usually required by law schools in order to get more information about their applicants that is not listed in their resume. This is also the best time to promote yourself by providing reasons and examples why being accepted in their school is beneficial to you and the institution itself. If you are not sure where to begin with your personal statement, you should look for law school application personal statement samples so you can get an idea on how to write one.

Law School Personal
Statement Samples!

You may not believe me, but my interest in Law School originated from my mistake of writing “lawyer” when a career questionnaire was circulated in our classroom, one month before graduation. In asking for a short description of our interests and our dream career, the intent was to capture a “slice of life: portrait of each and all of us which would then be published in “Lyre”, a commemorative yearbook.
Before I answered the career questions, I thought that it would be pompous if I put down “doctor”, or “architect” or even “policewoman.” But among these choices, I suddenly realized that I really wanted to see that word below my name: “Lawyer”. After graduation, when I actually saw the yearbook, I shook my head and smiled – what a shallow reason for a professional choice! However, as it turned out, lawyer is what I wrote and lawyer is what I hope to be.
Sooner or later, I realized that this dream was growing in me. A whimsical choice became a seed that was watered by my own disgust at the justice system as it manifested itself in our local community. As I served as a part-time administrative assistant in a law office, I witnessed client after client demonstrate these inequities in the ruthless truth of delayed litigations and lost resources.
I remember an old man saying that he had been going back to the same office week after week for almost five years as the case painstakingly dragged along. I never intended to become a heroine of the poor, but my sincere compassion has brought me the point of an unshakeable determination to take up law to, at least, help people like him find that his courage and persistence is worth fighting for and that this flawed, scarred system that we’ve all grown up with must be challenged.

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