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The Necessity of Application Personal Statement

Almost every college or university where students can get the master’s degree in business administration (MBA or M.B.A.) implements the application awarding to the lowest bidder. In order to choose the best applicants the members of the admission committee are to carefully examine the documents’ packs that generally include resumes, academic records cards and personal statements of the candidates. As far as the MBA obtaining demands knowledge from a wide range of academic disciplines, special attention is paid to the personal statements of the applicants.

Content Points of the MBA Personal Statement

When the MBA aspirants are faced with the problem of application personal statement writing, some of them are really in despair. Thousands of questions concerning their statement’s content keep them on the alert. Still it is not really a thing to worry. Generally an MBA personal statement should include three main content points:

  • describe the past experience of the applicant;
  • give a clear reflection of his present occupation and speciality;
  • explain future goals and ambitions.

These three spheres, if discussed properly in the personal statement, will give the admission board a good first impression of the candidate.

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