Medical Residency Personal Statement Sample

Tell Them Your Story in the Residency Application Personal Statement

This article serves as a guide in writing a personal statement as a supporting document for a residency application. A residency personal statement sample can show you how to structure your statement in a way that it is meaningful and, at the same time create an individual character for you. The best personal statement residency samples show that a good way to capture an application committee’s attention is to have an intro in a form of a story.

Residency Personal Statement Example:
My Chosen Path

He was 42 years old. There had been an accident at the factory and he was brought to the burn center. He had extensive thermal injuries on both arms, his chest and his face. He was perfectly healthy before the explosion, but his condition began to deteriorate over the next 36 hours. He initially required fluid resuscitation and mechanical ventilation. As his airway began to slough, we calibrated mechanical ventilation modes and settings. We also then obtained bronchoscopic specimens and started giving intravenous antibiotics for presumed sepsis. I learned ventilator strategies and handling electrolyte imbalances as I tended to him daily. I was able to learn layman’s terms from the surgeon’s explanation that could simplify complex information for the patient’s family members.

During my clinical training, I developed an interest in the management of patients with acute conditions. I was drawn to taking care of patients with problems that are well-defined, but to which critical thinking must be applied, I soon realized that I wanted to pursue a career in surgery and be at the forefront of care for patients that are critically ill. I was awed by the surgeons’ skills that swiftly led to the patients’ improvement. I was impressed by the way surgeons take care of their patients even after completing the operation to ensure total recovery.

I would like to apply my personal and professional strengths in the field of medicine to also be one of those surgeons that truly cares for their patients. I am hard-working, determined and enthusiastic as well as meticulous and exact. I am willing to ask questions if needed and I learn fast. I enjoy complex challenges and thinking on my feet. What gives me joy is having that sense of accomplishment after a hard day’s work and when that work involves human lives that need you, the feeling must be beyond words. I understand that the field of surgery requires teamwork. I can work alone but I can work even better with a team of specialists, nurses, PAs, and more all committed to that patient’s wellbeing. I hope to have the chance to be like the surgeon that I saw during my medical school days, as such an inspirational role model speaks to why I seek placement in your residency program.

Some Words about Residency Personal Statement Samples

Personal statement residency samples are meant to give you an idea on what to write a personal statement in a balanced way. Do not focus on the story too much. Discussing everything that is written in your resume is not a good idea. This will just make the application officers think that you are just wasting their time. A residency application personal statement is your chance to personalize your application so that you will not be just an average applicant.