Our Accounting and Finance Personal Statement

How important is your accounting and finance personal statement?

Applying for a place on an accounting or finance degree will mean that you will battling against many other applicants all of whom will be as well qualified as you are. This means that if you want to win your place you will have to ensure that your application will really make you stand out from your competition. The only place that you can achieve this however is with your finance or accounting personal statement. This is your chance to put in your own words why they should be looking to accept you on their course.

Is there a difference between writing a personal statement accounting and one for finance?

While there are a huge number of overlaps between finance and accounting they are separate subjects and your accounting and finance personal statement needs to be focused on the specific course that you are going to study. Accounting is very much looking at financial records and can require very different skills to finance. So within your accounting personal statement you will want to show that you have the relevant skills such as;

  • Attention to detail
  • Strong organizational skills
  • High levels of concentration

While someone that is writing a personal statement for finance may wish to show that they have the following more relevant skills for a career based around dealing with stocks and bonds and other investments;

  • Able to make decisions quickly
  • Able to work under pressure
  • Strong communication skills

Writing your accounting and finance personal statement

No matter which course you are applying to with your accounting and finance personal statement you will need to carefully tailor what you write to show that you meet their specific needs. You also need to ensure that your writing is capable of impressing the reader and that will mean;

  • Ensuring that your opening lines get the reader’s attention fully
  • Remaining concise and relevant at all times
  • Not repeating information that is already available elsewhere in your application such as your grades
  • Avoiding the use of clichés and obvious statements within your writing
  • Using a simple theme to provide flow through your personal statement
  • Finishing with a powerful conclusion that will make you memorable

Help with your accounting and finance personal statement

While you may be ideally suited for a career in finance or accounting you may not be the best writer in the world. This however should not prevent you from gaining a place on your chosen course. This is why many students will use a professional personal statement writing service such as ours to boost their chances of selection. So if you want help with your accounting and finance personal statement, personal statement for nursing or radiography personal statement just contact us for affordable and confidential support.