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For most applicants, the personal statement section of their application is the most challenging. Aside from having the need to impress their reader, they also need to construct a unique and well-written statement that will stand out among the numerous applicants vying for the same post. Looking at application personal statement examples can give you ideas on how to construct your own statement but if you think you will be better off hiring personal statement help, make sure that you choose a professional personal statement writing service.

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The internet is the best place to find examples of personal statements but how can you be sure that the one you are reading is worth following? If you want to get your hands on the best examples why not visit our writing service? We have several samples on our website that you can immediately use as your guide without worrying about formatting or content because they are written by our expert writers. Each sample that you will find is unique in its own way so you can use it as a template when writing your own personal statement.

Application Personal Statement Sample

My grandma always said that education is the only thing that could help me help myself. I grew up in a poor neighborhood, where crime was rampant and most people never graduated from high school. Throughout my childhood, I witnessed many schemes directed at the residents of the city that lured them into buying certain services under the guise of being able to make money. Witnessing this type of financial crime has made me very passionate about obtaining justice of victims of these schemes. My mission in life has two parts: I hope to be able to become a lawyer that represents victims of such crimes, and I also want to raise awareness of higher education for children in the inner city.

In college, I hope to pursue a degree in political science and eventually continue to attend law school. I have witnessed many inequalities present in society, and I know that a strong education is the tool I can use to remedy the situations I see. In high school, I took many classes related to legal studies and they opened my mind to the wide realm of possibilities that a law degree can take me.  I highly enjoy debate and I approach problems with cool logic. It is my hope to be able to become a lawyer as well as a teacher to enable people to help themselves.

Although I will be the first in my family to attend college, I am also aware that many children in my city are unable to do so due to financial and accessibility constraints. It is my goal to be able to represent all of them in my college studies. I plan to study not only law, but also education so that I can better reach city youth. College will be the first step in achieving my goals, and I plan to give my utmost to achieving at the highest standard.

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