Our Personal Statement for Nursing

Why is your personal statement for nursing so important?

No matter what sort of program you are applying to or at what level of nursing you can be sure that your application is going to need to be spot on. Most nursing programs are heavily oversubscribed which will mean that your nursing application will need to stand out from the competition if you are going to be awarded a place. The nursing application personal statement however is the only opportunity that you will actually have to say something in your own words. A well written personal statement for nursing can be the deciding factor in your application no matter what sort of program you are applying to;

ASN; Associate of science in nursing

BSN; Baccalaureate of science in nursing

RN – BSN; Registered Nurse to Baccalaureate of science in nursing

MSN; Master of science in nursing

DNP; Doctor of nursing practice

DNS; Doctor of nursing science

Writing your personal statement for nursing

There are many different levels and fields in which you can study nursing and your specific personal statement will need to be tailored accordingly. So an adult nursing personal statement would be very different to a personal statement for an cardiac nurse. Your personal statement is best carefully tailored for the specific application and you should avoid using a generic statement for multiple applications if you really want to maximize your chances of success. This means carefully considering exactly what the program is looking for and identifying your specific skills, qualifications and qualities that will match those needs.

How to write a personal statement for nursing

You personal statement for nursing as well as MBA personal statement needs to be very carefully written and must be able to make an impact on the reader. How your personal statement is written is just as important as what is actually written. You need to;

  • Ensure that your opening lines are effective and attention grabbing; you have to make the reader want to read on
  • Use a theme around which to hang your statement and provide flow
  • Write in your own words avoiding clichés, statements that are obvious, or anything that is available elsewhere in your application
  • Be concise and relevant; your words are very limited and you need to ensure that they all count
  • Don’t use language that you would not use normally; you will not impress by using words that the reader has to pick up a dictionary to understand
  • Humor is not appropriate for a personal statement
  • Show your ability to study as well as your passion for the subject
  • Stay personal and never lie or exaggerate

Support for your personal statement for nursing

Not everyone knows how to write a UCAS personal statement and not everyone  is a skilled writer and that should never hold you back from achieving a place on a program that you are ideally qualified for. This is why you should use a professional writer for your personal statement to maximize your chances of selection.

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