Filling Up Your Application: How Can We Help?

Having trouble filling up your college application? Follow the simple guidelines below and you will have a completed college application in no time!

Think Smarter, Not Harder

Read and carefully evaluate each question before and after you answer it. What does the question really want from you? Is there a deeper motive behind this question? Each question on the application has a reason why it is there. Think like the writer of the application. If you were writing this application, what would be your motive behind this question? Now, that doesn’t mean just telling them what you think they want to hear. You must always be honest when filling out your application.

Don’t Beat Around the Bush

If you can’t think of a clear answer for a question right away, don’t just fill space with irrelevant content. This will not tell any important information about you and will most likely bore your reader. Finish the rest of your application and come back to the question later. Perhaps after writing other answers, you will come up with a sufficient response. If you are still having trouble, get an outsider’s perspective. Very often, our friends, family and mentors can come up with better answers that we can.

Don’t Dwell

Try not to get stuck on one particular question on your first attempt at filling out the application. Try to get a full draft of your application finished before you go back and perfect each answer. This way you will have a well-rounded application that does not detail some things and leave others lacking.

Just Say It

If you have something specific in mind that you know you want to include in your application, go through each question and decide where that particular idea is best suited. If it doesn’t seem to quite fit into any question, don’t force it. Try incorporating it into your admissions essay, letter of intent or personal statement.

Don’t want to go through all these steps alone? The staff at is ready to assist you in any way you may need us to. We can go through your application with you to make sure that you putting everything you can into it, in order to get everything you can out of it. At Application Personal Statement, we understand the importance of a great college application personal statement. It can make or break your chances of being admitted. So save yourself the stress, and let us help you showcase your goals and achievements in your college application.