Personal Statement for a Job

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Extended Profile in Your Personal Statement for a Job

The requirements for a personal statement for a job may vary on each application, but the purpose of this form of writing is to basically present your experiences, qualifications and goals in the best possible format, a job application personal statement is primarily to demonstrate your skills in writing. There are several jobs that require personal statement job related such medical or law field. Personal statement job related is also referred to as a supporting statement or an extended profile and is often in the additional information section of the application.

Job Application Personal Statement Sample

The rate of deforestation in the United States is astonishing. Most citizens do not realize that according to the current rates of tree disappearance, the air in 40 years will contain 20% less oxygen. Since I read that fact in middle school, I have been continuously campaigning to raise awareness and stop deforestation. My efforts have ranged from advertising and organizing service trips to conducting research on possible alternatives. I want to continue these efforts and encourage others to join me on my quest to save the trees. I believe a position as Conservation Analyst with the National Trees Foundation will allow me to make a significant impact on the environment and people.

Through my efforts to encourage tree preservation, I have recognized the need for greater education and awareness efforts. As a program developer for the National Park Service, I learned how to implement different educational programs for all age groups to encourage sustainable use to the environment. I developed a great appreciation for the resources that nature provides, and I want to be able to share this passion with others. Additionally, I worked at the Department of Agriculture as a materials researcher, where I created various compounds using industrial waste that showed promises of being as sturdy as wood, but more sustainable. I want to unite my experiences to create a holistic and effective approach to conservation that will speak to all people.

I hope to be able to put my skills and passion to work in helping to preserve the environment for future generations. Through my abilities to create effective programs and conduct innovative environmental research, I want to inundate others with a belief in the beauty of nature and our duty to protect it. As a Conservation Analyst, I believe I can do all that and more to continue the fight to save our natural resources.

Personality & Ambitions in Your Perfect Job Application Personal Statement

A personal statement for a job is meant to outline your confidence, strengths and precision. A job applications personal statement is often difficult and challenging for many people to write, because they are meant to personally discuss what you can bring to a company in terms of personality and ambitions.

Reflection of Your Personality in Your Personal Statement for a Job

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Landing Interviews with Your Outstanding Personal Statement for a Job

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