The Basics Of Writing Your Life Events Essay

Acing Your College Application Personal Statement

The life events essay on your college application is a great place to strengthen your application if there are other things that are not as strong.  When analyzing a University of Colorado Boulder application essay, admissions counselors will be looking for character and the will to overcome adversity.  Make sure to demonstrate these things in you University of Colorado Boulder essay, or else you may not stand out from the crowd!

Luckily, we can help with your life events essay.  Take a look at our sample work on this common prompt:

“Discuss any events or special circumstances that have affected your academic record, as well as any adversities you have overcome.”

Sample Life Events Essay

I was not a model student, or a model child for that matter.  I would not do my work on time; I didn’t socialize well with the other kids.  I smoked cigarettes when I could get them, and drank whenever the friends I did have could sneak alcohol from their parents’ liquor cabinets.  I was the quintessential screw-up, going nowhere in life and headed there fast.

There was only one bright spot in my life: choir.

Because I could sing.  I’ve always been able to sing, and sing well.  I don’t know why, but it’s always been with me.  I was always the star soloist; I always got all the best parts.  And I took it for granted.  One day, I showed up to a competition drunk, and my choir director shocked me.

“That’s it.  You’re out.  Go back to the bus.  We’ll meet you there.”

“But you need me,” I slurred, “you’ll lose otherwise.”

“I’d rather lose,” she said.  She sat me down afterward, and we had a long talk.  She opened my eyes—that if I wanted to keep singing, I would need to get an education.  And to do that, I’d have to shape up.  So I have.

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