Tips on Creating a Dental School Application Personal Statement

Deciding To Apply a Dental School

Dentist (or stomatologist) is one of the most prestigious and needed specialists in the whole world. Indeed, there are absolutely no teeth troubles in isolated tribes’ peoples only. The rest of the world, its civilized part, is accustomed to visit dentists with the minor and serious problems with teeth. That is why if you decide to become a dentist and apply to a dental school, please, be persistent and do not give up. A carefully written  dental school application personal statement will add to your application documents.

Why Write Application Personal Statement

You are to write an application personal statement in order to attract the admission committee’s attention and appear in the most favorable light in their eyes. True, dentistry is a bright career, giving a lot of opportunities and perspectives. So be ready that admission to a dental school will turn into a challenging occupation. No fear! We will help you to write a really brilliant dental school application personal statement.

A Winning Dental School Application Personal Statement

To write a really successful dental school application personal statement you are to be creative, objective and laconic. First of all be so farsighted as to pass a DAT (Dental Admission Test), because DAT scores is not the last thing that is paid attention to. What is more, the most important points, the admission committee judges you by, are:

  • previous academic grades;
  • motivation;
  • general basic knowledge of dentistry and clinical experience (if there is);
  • recommendation letters etc.

Remember that your main aim during the admission procedure is to show a high motivation for becoming a dentist. This profession demands not only an excellent qualification and care, but persistence and diligence.

Custom Application Personal Statement Writing

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