Top Tips for Your Multiple Applications Personal Statement

Getting into the academic institution that you desire can be challenging especially if you are competing with other qualified applicants. Whether you are applying for an undergraduate, graduate or residency programs, many schools will require the submission of an application personal statement. If you want to hit two birds at the same stone, writing a personal statement for multiple applications might do the trick for you. Here are top tips that will help ensure you submit high quality personal statements to various academic institutions:

  1. Your application personal statement is one of the most integral parts in your application and most of the time this is the basis for selecting worthy applicants. It is essential to understand its purpose to maximize favorable results of your application.
  2. When sending out personal statement for multiple applications, research what is the common denominator of the schools. You can utilize this and create a main theme that will be efficient to all schools.
  3. Application personal statement serves as a tool to better understand the personality, skills, strengths and principles of the applicant. The admission committee uses this in order to go beyond restriction of test scores and fill in the blank questionnaires.
  4. To improve your chances of admission using personal statement for multiple applications, you must be able to highlight the basics such as genuine interest towards the program, reasons why you are dedicated to continue your academic pursuit and integral part of your characteristic that will make you an asset to the program/school.
  5. Lastly, your application personal statement must show diversity. Do not be afraid to deviate from the ordinary; you will have a better chance if you distinguish yourself from other applicants. Remember that the admission committee has read thousands of application personal statement so being yourself might just win you the acceptance letter that you desire.