University Application Personal Statement Sample!

University Application Personal Statement

There are many who are not familiar with writing a law school application personal statement given that they are focused on putting together the requirements needed when applying in a university. However, a personal statement matters too since this is the best time to win the attention of the admissions panel so you can get a chance to get accepted in the university. One way to get an idea on how to write a personal statement is to look for a university application personal statement sample.

University Application
Personal Statement Sample!

Although my steadfast number one fan was mom, I soon realized there were no others. Small-framed and near-sighted, I was a bullied teenager throughout high school for being so slight. This was so much the case that I came to accept such treatment as being normal. At 5’2”, no varsity team would even consider putting me on the roster. So despite my interests in sports, I never had the chance to play on any school team, and even my closest friends would ruffle my hair as if I were a child and then choose someone else to join their side in the football match. To deal with this sense of isolation and rejection, I spent free hours buried in sports magazines game consoles, watching televised matches and games

Where I have always done exceptionally well was in academics. I excelled in Mathematics, Science and History. My outstanding grades hid my physical imperfections, at least to my teachers, and, at times, to myself. It also gave me a forum to strengthen self-confidence and determination, and when I was told I was Class Valedictorian, I knew I could make my graduation speech a message of inspiration and success in the face of great obstacles.

Being a victim of extreme bullying did not stop me from being a top performer, because I wouldn’t let it. Today, my dream of becoming a historian rising from humble personal beginnings and now standing at the gates of a University of an extraordinary caliber has become the most momentous day in my life. Every insult and taunting I ever received has vanished in the triumph of this very moment.

To keep your dignity, your identity and, most all, the dream you treasure within alive and vibrant in the face of all adversity is the best way to deal with the bullies that taunt you: rise above them and excel. As I look in my mom’s eyes, I see pride and such happiness, because she knows I reached my goal by following the path of courage.

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